We hope you enjoyed the “fish dive" video posted earlier! Today we would like to introduce the “fouette” and “en manêge” in ‘Don Quixote’ Act 3. Both the “fouette” and “en manêge” require the dancer to possess a high level of concentration and ballet technique. They offer each principal a chance to display technical virtuosity within the established aesthetics. Universal Ballet Principal Dancers Misun Kang and Konstantin Novoselov demonstrate how both are done! See you at the theater! :) Universal Ballet 'Don Quixote' April 5 (Wed) – April 9 (Sun) National Theater of Korea, Haeoruem Grand Theater ▶️Buy_Tickets → goo.gl/M66hBq

The showstopping highlight of Don Quixote, Act 3 'Don Quixote' is famous for its final pas de deux. In the pas de deux, the male dancer supports his bride’s pirouettes, displays her long extensions and secures the balances. She whirls into his arms and dives toward the floor; he catches her around the waist and supports her in the famous inverted pose known as the "fish dive," which finishes the pas de deux with a flourish. Universal Ballet Principal Dancers 'Na-Eun Kim' and 'Minwoo Kang' demonstrate the pose for you! See you at the theater! :) Universal Ballet 'Don Quixote' April 5 (Wed) – April 9 (Sun) National Theater of Korea, Haeoruem Grand Theater ▶️Buy_Tickets → goo.gl/M66hBq

Universal Ballet's 'Don Quixote's interpretation is based on the famous Spanish comical novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. This ballet is once again being staged after six long years. Interested in knowing the casting? 15-year veteran & dark horse new comer #Hyemin_Hwang & #Otgonbyamba_Gantsooj Irresistible star couple with solid technique #Misun_Kang & #Konstantin_Novoselov Highly skilled and charming ballet duo #Naeun_Kim & #Minwoo_Kang Charisma meets Charisma! #Hyanggee_Hong & #Dongtak_Lee Don’t miss an unforgettable show! Universal Ballet 'Don Quixote.' Wed, April 5 to Sun, April 9 at The National Theater of Korea, HaeoreumThis spring, Universal Ballet will present 'Don Quixote'. ▶️Buy_Tickets goo.gl/M66hBq

The tenacity of ballet dancers! To the average audience (watching a performance), ballet dancers look fragile and frail since we dance with such ease and smiles on our faces... but there is more to what can be seen! Time and tide have made us strong, agile and yet able to look delicate. We are working hard and very much looking forward to our next big production, 'Don Quixote'!! Have a good weekend and see you at the theater! :) -Ballerina, Hyemin Hwang

[Notice] Universal Ballet 'Don Quixote' Leading Roles Don Quixote, A Classical Ballet full of wit and Humor. Universal Ballet revives 'Don Quixote' this April after 6 years. Please click the link below to purchase your tickets or check the castings for 'Don Quixote'. ▶Buy_Tickets goo.gl/M66hBq

[Company News] Congratulations to our ballet 'Shimchung'!! Universal Ballet's full length ballet 'Shimchung' won two prizes tonight at 'The SAC AWARDS' !! :) Universal Ballet would like to thank you all for supporting Shimchung. We greatly appreciate your support and love!♥

[Company News] Congratulations to Minwoo Kang!! Universal Ballet dancer ’Minwoo Kang‘ was promoted to the rank of Principal dancer! Thank you all for your support!! Thumbs up for Minwoo Kang!! :)

[Dancers Share] 10th International Ballet Star Gala Universal Ballet Principal Dancer ‘Hyemin Hwang’ at the 10th International Ballet Star Gala in Taichung, Taiwan!! :)

Universal Ballet Dancer’s Talent show!! Videos from the Workshop! We would like to share some moments we had on the 31st of January.Please check the talent show and find out hidden talents of our dancers. Have a good start of the day! Hope you enjoy the video! :)

[Taipei Times] On their toes in Taichung Universal Ballet Principal Dancer ‘Hyemin Hwang’ is invited to participate in the 10th International Ballet Star Gala in Taichung. ☞ This article is written in English. View original article here → goo.gl/p9SmIR

Happy Seollal~!! (Korean Lunar New Year) From all of us here at Universal ballet, we wish you all a wonderful well rested Seollal Holiday! ♥

Don Quixote; A Classical Ballet full of Wit and Humor. Universal Ballet to stage