The new ballet "The Little Scarlet Flower" had its premiere in the Russian city of Ufa in the autumn of 2017. The story of this ballet is taken from a tale of the same name by Sergey Aksakov, who adapted the traditional fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast". This captivating ballet entertains the audience with its bright, melodic music and traditional choreography, thanks to the skill of the ballet troupe and its creative team. The music was composed in the classic Russian style by Moscow's composer Vladimir Kouptsov; the overall production was directed, managed, and choreographed by Andrey Petrov, National Artist of Russia. With its interesting characters, costumes and decorations, the show makes a strong aesthetic impression alike on adults and children. Surely, "The Little Scarlet Flower" promises to be a popular addition to the ballet repertoire.

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Universal ballet

The day and night in Astana was magnificent. at the Astana Opera House - On the way to our lodges after the rehearsal

'This is Modern' Astana Opera House June 26-27 2017 Eurasia Dance Festival will be held at the Astana Opera House in Kazakh capital Astana throught Jun. 24-29. This festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the cultural program of the EXPO 2017. As a guest of the festival, Universal ballet company will stage 'This is modern' on june 26 and 27. For more information : .

"Latvijas baletdejotājiem panākumi prestižajā Maskavas konkursā" 권위있는 모스크바 발레콩쿠르에서 라트비아인 수상 LSM.LV

Ballet Festival Korea Universal Ballet's 'This is Modern' Master contemporary ballet choreographer Jirí Kylián pays tribute to Mozart. The unexpected intricacies of Mozart's life and music reflect the profound coexistences in human life. “Petite Mort” takes a poetic look at the relations between men and women and the ecstasy of sexual relations. In French, and in some other languages, this sensation is described as “small death.” Learn more about Jiri Kylian's masterpiece though an interview with stager Stefan Zeromecki. [LINK:] Choreography: Jiri Kylian Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Costumes: Joke Visser Scenography: Jirí Kylián Lighting: Jirí Kylián (concept), Joop Caboort (realization) ■ Date : June 8 (Thur) – June 10 (Sat) ■ Venue : Seoul Arts Center, CJ Towol Theater ■ Reservation link :

'This is Modern' Your best choice for a great performance this summer. Don't miss Universal Ballet's spectacular performance. Come and experience the work of three of today's master choreographers. Haven't decided what to watch? Have a peek at this beautiful video 'This is Modern' features a blend of classical, neo-classical and contemporary dance. ■ Date : June 8 (Thur) – June 10 (Sat) ■ venue : Seoul Arts Center, CJ Towol Theater ■ reservation link :